Adjustable Four Hole Nozzle CPT (Red) 8470CPT
Adjustable Four Hole Nozzle  CPT   (Red)  8470CPT Pesticide / Weedicide Sprayers Accessories Johor, Malaysia, Kluang Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Foh Hup Industries Sdn Bhd
Part No. Description Part No. Description Part No. Description
8401S Screw 8420W Washer 8441 CPT Automatic Release CPT
8401N Nut 8421 Jam Nut 8441B Union
8401 Tank Body 8422 Nipple Body 8442 Pin
8301 Tank Body 8422CPT Nipple Body CPT 8443 Autorelease Lever
8301 Stand Guard 8422W Washer 8445W Washer
8405 Strainer 8424L Tube for Nipple 8446 Sprayer Lance
8407A Plastic Cover 8325 Air Cylinder 8447W Washer
8408 Hook 8425 Air Cylinder 8448A-1 Cap
8411 Shoulder Strap 8428 Pull bar 8448A-2 Nipple
8411CPT Shoulder Strap CPT 8429A Pin 8448A CPT Adjustable Cone Nozzle
8412P TRI-Gride SRG-32 8430 Nut 8448A-R O Ring
8413 Pump Handle CPT 8431 Brass Washer 8453 Union
8414 Milled Nut 8432 Piston 8454 Nipple
8415 Pump Cylinder 8433 Piston ROD 8455 PVC Hose
8415SH Holder 8433VC Brass Washer 8455CPT PVC Hose CPT
8415W Washer 8435 Plug 8455CR Clip
8417 Ball Bearing 8436W Washer 8458W Washer
8418 Valve Body 8437S Spring 8458F Filter
8418CPT Valve Body CPT 8440 Spindle 8459 Cleaning Chamber
8418W Washer 8440R O Ring 8470CPT Four Hole Nozzle CPT
8418B Screw 8441 Autorelease Body    

Operating Instruction pfr Use

Screw the Spraying Lance (No. 8446) into the automatic Release (No. 8441) and fix the Adjustable Nozzle (8488A-1) into the Sprayer Lance. Then fix the Pump Handle (No. 8413) to the pump shaft (either on right or left.) The sprayer is now ready for use by moving the Pump Handle upwards and downwards.

Oil all moving parts regularly before use, including the inside of the Pump Cylinder (No. 8415) where the Piston (No. 8432) is situated with No. 30 cylinder oil (GREASE must not be used). Check and clean Ventilation holes on cover (No. 8408) These holes must not be blocked while the sprayer is in use.

Pump some strokes with closed Automatic Release in order to bring the sprayer under pressure and thus spraying can be obtained by pressingthe Lever (No. 8443) downwards. The Automatic Release will shuts automatically by just releasing the lever.

Operating Difficulties

  1. Remove and clean Nozzles and Vortex which may be obstructed.
  2. Unscrew the Air Cylinder and clean the Ball Bearing inside the Valve Body.
  3. Make sure that all the Washers are tightly screwed to prevent leakage.


Chemicals containing Corrosive Acids or highly Concentrated Mercury Compound should not be used

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